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Special Effect Makeup Course


4 Days

- Training material is provided for this course.
- Trainees are required to provide their own model for practice.


Special Effect Makeup Course provides a learning platform to trainees who are interested in special effect makeup such as prosthetic makeup, scars, burns and etc. At the same time, the content of this course is essential for makeup artist who has the interest to venture into special effect makeup in filming and photography.


Theoretical & Practical 理论与实践

1. Definition of special effect makeup 特效类化妆的定义
2. Introduction on tools and products 工具与产品的介绍
3. Special effect makeup demonstration 特效化妆演示
(wounds, bruises, cuts, scars, bites, burns)(伤口、淤青、割伤、疤痕、咬痕、灼伤)
4. Making of artificial parts 制作仿照道具
5. Making of own special effect mask 制作特效化妆面具
6. Special effect makeup design project 特效化妆设计计划

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