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Body Art Makeup Course


4 Days / 4天

- Training material is provided for this course
- Trainees are required to provide their own model for practice.


Body Art Makeup is a contemporary art applied on body parts usually to express a particular theme or to convey a specific message. This course will provide trainees a platform to experience the creation of artistic artwork on human body with makeup materials.


Theoretical & Practical 理论与实践

1. Introduction 介绍
a. Definition 定义
b. Tools, Products, Equipment, Accessories 工具、产品、器材、饰品

2. Face & Body Art Design 脸部与身体艺术彩绘
a. Airbrush & Brush 喷枪与刷子
b. Stencil 模板
c. Floral 花卉
d. Animal 动物
e. Futuristic 未来感

3. Post-Art-Painting Knowledge 关于彩绘后的知识
a. Makeup tools cleaning 化妆工具的清洁
b. Housekeeping tools & products storing 产品与工具的储藏
c. Body Art removing 卸除彩绘

4. Assessment 学习评估

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