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Advanced Hairstyling Course


4 Days / 4天

Training material is provided for this course


Advanced Hairstyling Course is an intensive course designed for those who are interested to improve hairstyling proficiency and knowledge. It comprises fundamental theories and technique from basic hairstyling knowledge to different hairstyling techniques and hairstyle design.


Theoretical & Practical 理论与实践

1. Knowledge on Hair Tools & Usages 发型造型工具与使用的知识
• Blow, backcomb, section, zig zag, curl, wave, straightening 吹、倒梳、分线、锯齿、卷、波浪、拉直
2. Types of Braid 辫子种类
• French, fishtail, dutch, regular 3 strands, waterfall, twist 三股沉辫,鱼骨,三股浮辫,三股,瀑布,二股
3. Basic Hair Management (Top and Front Section) 基本头发处理技巧(头顶区,前发区)
4. Hairstyle Design 发型造型
• Wave, ponytail, updo, high/low bun, braid, fake hair bun, french twist 波浪,马尾,盘发,高/低髻,辫子,发包,法卷
5. Usage of hair accessories & additional tools 发饰与辅助品的运用与搭配

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