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Love Knot Bridal Hairstyling Class

Course Duration 课程时长

1 Day / 6 Hours

Training material is provided for this course

About The Course 关于课程

During Chinese's wedding, Chinese love things that are meaningful, love knot is one of the meaningful elements that represents everlasting love and eternal promises between lovers; while love knot hairstyling too match flawlessly with bride's chinese gown. This Love Knot Bridal Hairstyling Class is a 1-day intensive class teaching student to pick up essential love knot hairstyling technique, and also matching love knot with 3 different bridal hairstyles.

Course Content 课程内容

Class Key-Point
1. Love Knot Hairstyling Technique
2. Matching of Love Knot and Bridal Hairstyle Design Tips
3. 3 Different Love Knot Bridal Hairstyles

Student Must-Know
a. Student must have basic hairstyling knowledge.
b. Student must prepare own hairstyling tools as followed:
- Zig-zag (small teeth)
- Straightener
- Hairspray
- Hair clips
- Sharp tail comb
- Pins, U-pins
c. Lesson provides practice period.

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