Frequently Asked Questions  常见问题

General Questions 常见问题

Where is your academy’s location? 学院位置在哪里?

We are located at a shoplot building named “Nadayu Dagang 28” at Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, near to Sunway University and Sunway Pyramid. Here is our exact address: 3D, Nadayu Dagang 28, Jln PJS 11/7, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

我们的学院位于Bandar Sunway,Subang Jaya的一座商店栋楼名“Nadayu Dagang 28”,非常靠近双威大学和双威商场。这是我们学院的地址:3D, Nadayu Dagang 28, Jln PJS 11/7, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

What are the courses provided? 学院提供什么课程?

Our academy provides range of professional makeup and hairstyling courses, there are short term and long term courses for you to choose from. 我们学院提供了一系列不同的专业化妆与发型造型课程,皆有短期和长期课程供选择。

I do not have any basic in makeup, can I register? 我没有任何化妆底子,我可以报名吗?

Yes of course. Our courses are specifically designed to train you from the basic to advanced level.


Do I need to prepare my own makeup products and tools? 我是否需要准备自己的化妆产品和工具?

For most of the long term courses, a set of makeup products and tools are given free along with the package (according to promotion package and course chosen). You do not need to purchase anything to kickstart your learning, we suggest you to purchase products while you have certain foundation.


Will I need to purchase products during the learning? 我是否需要在学习过程中购买产品?

Our academy will not force you to purchase any products. You may decide to purchase your own products for your practice purpose or for your future career.


Will I get certificate after graduation? 毕业后我会拿到证书吗?

Yes, you will be granted certificate(s) upon your graduation if you have passed the criteria for both portfolio marking and practical examination.


Can I get Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) certificate after graduation? 我毕业后可以获得 SKM 证书吗?

You may opt to apply for SKM examination after your graduation. This examination is optional and the fees is not included in your course fee.


If I am not a Malaysian citizen, can I register for course? 如果我不是马来西亚市民,可以报读课程吗?

Of course you can, we welcome every makeup enthusiast whether you are local or not!


I am from oversea, does academy provide Visa? 我来自外国,你的学院有提供签证吗?

Our academy does not provide Visa for foreigner, however if you do need any supporting documents, please kindly inform us.


Will I get a job after graduation? 毕业后我可以找到工作吗?

We can not promise you on a job after graduation. What you can do during your learning for the sake of your career is to build up a complete portfolio, get your own social media platform for your makeup works, and improve your makeup skills. Interviewers will love to accept a well prepared makeup enthusiast.


What are the safety measurement at the academy? 学院有实践任何安全措施吗?

We are practicing the strictest hygiene and safety SOPs at the academy. • Only "Low Risk" status individuals with vaccine digital certificate will be permitted to enter. • You are required to scan the QR code provided via MySejahterah app. • You are required to wear a face mask at the academy (excluding for model while practicing). • Hand sanitizer are provided at the academy. • Number of student is being strictly controlled to avoid overcrowded class.
• You are required to inform your lecturer on your presence to class and practice due to student maximum capacity. 学院将严格实践卫生与安全标准作业程序。 • 只有“低风险”状态的电子疫苗证书拥有者将被允许进入学院。 • 进入学院须使用MySejahterah程序扫码。 • 在学院范围须带上口罩 (正在被化妆的模特儿除外)。 • 学院提供消毒液,学生可自行使用。 • 学院将控管课堂学生人数。 • 学生如有出席课堂或练习须提前通知老师以避免超出学生人数最大容量。

Payment 付款

How do I pay? 怎么付款?

We accept payment via cash, online bank transfer, cheque, debit/credit card, even e-wallet such as Boost, GrabPay, and MAE.
我们接受的付款种类有现金,银行转账,支票,信用卡,甚至电子钱包如 Boost, GrabPay,及MAE。

Is there any instalment available? 请问可以分期付款吗?

Yes, we are providing instalment package from 4-24 months with 0% interest*. Check with us at +6012-3447738 for the instalment package available for your preferred course. 是的,我们提供0%利息*4至24个月的分期付款配套。联络我们 +6012-3447738 以查询关于您的课程的分期付款配套。

Course 课程

What are the difference between short term and long term course? 短期课程和长期课程的区别是?

The duration for both type of courses are different. For short term course, it only takes from a few days to weeks; while for long term course, the duration may go from few months to even a year. 它们的区别在于修读时间的长短。短期课程的时长可从几日至几个星期,而长期课程需几个月至一年的时间来完成。

How to choose from short term or long term course? 该怎么选择修读短期或长期课程?

Choose short term course if:-

  • You are a beginner, but would like an intensive course to quickly build up your basic skill in short period of time
  • You have fundamental knowledge, but would like to boost and improve your skill on certain parts

Choose long term course if:-

  • You are a beginner, and would like to be a professional makeup artist that covers different type of makeup
  • You would like to acquired professional certificates from academy
  • You would like to acquire Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) certificates


  • 你是初学者,但想在短时间内掌握基本化妆知识和操作
  • 你有基本化妆知识,但想再精进某一部份的化妆手艺


  • 你是初学者,并想成为一名通晓并可执行多款妆容的专业化妆师
  • 你想获得学院颁发的专业化妆认可证书
  • 你想获得由马来西亚政府颁发的 Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) 技术认可证书

How do I register for course? 怎么报读课程?

You can register for your preferred course by contacting us at +6012-3447738 by Whatsapp, or through our Facebook or Instagram.

一切报读事宜可在Whatsapp联络 +6012-3447738,或通过我们的官方脸书或Instagram。

Can I know the course fee? 我可以了解关于课程费用吗?

Decided on which course to enroll? Ask about the course fee and promotion details through Whastapp +6012-3447738, our Facebook or Instagram.

已经决定好要报名了?欢迎通过Whatsapp +6012-3447738,我们的官方脸书或Instagram联络我们以询问课程费用及优惠详情。

Student 学生

Make Class Appointment with App 使用软件预定课堂

As we are adhering to safety SOPs and also to ensure that our class is not overcrowded, we have applied an app called ‘Spaces by Wix’ to enable you to book your class prior to your visit! Here are the steps to book for a class: 为了符合政府所规定的标准作业程序,本学院将实施学生人数控管制度。因此我们将采用 ‘Spaces by Wix’软件让学生更方便地预定课堂!以下是预定课堂的程序:

  1. Download the app ’Spaces by Wix’ here. Once it’s successfully downloaded and installed, open up the app will directly bring you to our academy’s platform ‘privatecolorsacademy’. If you have the apps installed previously, you can join our academy platform with the above link, or key in the invite code 'NKDBHD'. 点击此处下载‘Spaces by Wix’软件。软件成功下载并安装后,打开软件将自动传送至学院的平台 ‘privatecolorsacademy’。若您已经安装了此软件,点击以上链接可直接加入学院平台,或可输入邀请码‘NJKDBHD'。

  2. Log in with your Google, Facebook, Apple account, or sign up with Email. 使用您的Google,Facebook,Apple账号登入,或用Email注册账号。

  3. Once logged in, find for 'Book Now' button to make appointment for class. 成功登入后,点击‘立即预定’以预定课堂。
  4. Search for 'Class Appointment', click 'Book'. 寻找‘Class Appointment’,点击‘预定’。
  5. Pick the date and time for your visit. 选择课堂的日期与时间。
  6. Check the details for the picked class and click 'Book Now'. 检查课程详情,并点击‘现在预定’。
  7. Once successfully booked, you will be informed, and you're done! 成功预约后您将会被通知。
  8. If you would like to cancel booking, click 'Cancel Booking'. 若您需要取消预定,点击‘取消预定’。
  9. You may always check your booking in your profile and make amendment. Go to 'Your Profile' at the right hand side of the tab at the bottom, search for 'My Bookings' under 'My Activity' section. You shall see your class appointment and make necessary amendment. 您可以去到您的个人主页检查您的预定。点击底部目录的‘我的档案’,点击‘我的活动’下的‘我的预定’,您将可以更改您的预定。

Make Class Appointment with Website Online 使用网页预定课堂

As we are adhering to safety SOPs and also to ensure that our class is not overcrowded, students are required to book your class prior to visit. You may either book your class via app or at our website online. Here are the steps to book for a class at our website: 为了符合政府所规定的标准作业程序,本学院将实施学生人数控管制度。学生可使用软件或在我们的网页上预定课堂。以下是预定课堂的程序:

  1. Click 'Log in' at the header. 在页眉点击 ‘登入’。
  2. Log in with Facebook, Google account, or sign up with Email. 使用Facebook,Google账号登入,或用Email申请账号。
  3. Once you have succesfully logged in, click 'Book Online'. 成功登入后,点击‘网上预定’。
  4. Search for 'Class Appointment' and click 'Book Now'. 寻找‘Class Appointment'并点击‘Book Now‘
  5. Choose your preferred date and time for class and click 'Next'. 选择课堂的日期与时间,并点击‘Next’。
  6. Key in your details and click 'Book It'. If you have logged in, the details shown will be according to your profile, otherwise you will need to key in the details manually. If you would like to receive a SMS notification on your booking, key in your phone number. 输入您的资料并点击‘Book It’。若您已登入,您的资料将自动显示,否则您可以手动输入。若您想要获得SMS通知,您可输入您的电话号码。
  7. Once successfully booked, you will be notified! 成功预定后,您将会被通知!
  8. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your booking, head to 'My Bookings' under your profile. 若您想要取消或更改您的预定,您可前往您个人资料下的‘My Bookings’。
  9. You may reschedule or cancel your bookings here. You will be notified once your booking is amended. 在此您可取消或更改您的预定,改动后您将被通知。

If I drop out from my course, is there any refund? 如果我想退学,请问有得退款吗?

We understand that you may need to drop out from your course due to personal reason, we respect your decision, however every payment made is not refundable. Kindly contact with us at the counter for course cancellation application. 我们了解您可能因为某些私人原因而决定退学,我们将尊重您的决定,但学院并不提供退款。请与柜台人员联络以进行退学事宜。