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The Academy



Be professional in education.

PRIVATE COLORS BEAUTY & MAKEUP ACADEMY was founded by Casey Gooi, a professional makeup artist and trainer with experiences of more than a decade in field. The Academy was officially established in year 2016, offering wide range of professional makeup and beauty courses with its content designed according to professional standard.

The Academy provides platform for students to obtain essential certificates on professionalism such as certificate of SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia), and other related profession certificates. The Academy is dedicated to provide quality education and produce highly-trained professionals in field.



Your future, our duty. 


Extensive enhancement courses to enrich students’ knowledge and skills for future career opportunities.


To provide exclusive and intensive professional training to ensure high quality graduates.


To promote hard, as well as soft skills to increase students’ market value.


To create a flexible educational platform to embrace various students’ personality and learning style.



The belief that we strive for.

To be a gateway to opportunities for students to achieve their full potential and to meet academic or career goals.



Quality requires extraordinary teaching.

Profile Building

A well-built professional profile is an essential part of your sales and marketing tools. Our Academy is very much attentive on this facet and therefore provide a personal professional profile for our graduates which comprises your productions throughout the learning process in Academy.


We believe that to be successful we have to possess external qualities as well as internal quality. External quality as in the quality of us being presentable, and internal quality which comprise work quality enhanced from intensive training, quality of human from the instillation of moral values, and essentially the quality of soft-skills.

Overall Styling

We understand that to portray a completed overall outlook, makeup has to incorporate with also hairstyle and costume. Therefore our Academy not only focuses on educating the knowledge of makeup, but places importance on other necessary aspects as well.

Image Building

Our academy endeavors to enhance not only your vocational proficiency, we also guide you in managing your personal impression in order to portray a positive professional image.