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Personal Makeup Course

Course Duration 课程时长

2 Days / 2天

Training material is provided for this course

About The Course 关于课程

Personal Makeup Course is a fruitful course designed to teach individuals on how to apply makeup to themselves. The course can cover various topics such as skincare, foundation application, eye makeup, blush and contouring, and lip color application. Through this course, learners can understand deeper about makeup products and tools so they can make suitable choice on products based on their skin type, complexion, and personal preference. The aim of this course is to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the desired makeup look for any occasion, whether it be for everyday wear or special events. By the end of the course, individuals should be able to confidently apply makeup to themselves and feel comfortable experimenting with different techniques and products.


Course Content 课程内容

1. Pre-Makeup Knowledge and Steps 妆前的知识和步骤
2. Eyebrow Shaping 眉型描绘与修饰
3. Perfect Foundation 完美底妆
4. Lifestyle Makeup 生活类妆型
5. Work Makeup 职业类妆型
​6. Occasion Makeup 特别场合妆型

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