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Airbrush Makeup Course

Course Duration

2 Days

- Training material is provided for this course.
- Trainees are required to provide their own model for practice.

About The Course

Airbrush Makeup Course provides both theoretical and practical lessons including knowledge of airbrush machine parts, knowledge of airbrush products, and also usage of airbrush machine. Incorporating airbrush makeup techniques into traditional makeup is time-saving, also improves the quality of makeup result, hence is a definite benefit in makeup career.

Course Content

Theoretical 理论
1. Knowledge of airbrush machine parts 喷枪零件的认识
2. Airbrush maintenance 喷枪保养的知识
3. Knowledge of airbrush products 喷枪产品的知识
4. Benefits of airbrush machine 喷枪的好处

Practical 实践
1. Usage of airbrush machine 喷枪的运用
a. Airbrush technique practice sheet 喷枪技巧练习纸图
b. HD overall makeup - foundation & blusher application 高清整体妆型 - 粉底与腮红
2. Practice 练习

*Course includes Airbrush Machine Set by ElementwoPro 此课程包括ElementwoPro喷枪机器套装。
a. Airbrush Machine Set (Compressor, Airbrush Gun, Hose) x 1 unit 喷枪机器套装(压缩机、气喷枪、气管) 1组
b. Airbrush Foundation Starter Kit x 1 set 喷枪底妆入门套装 1组
c. Airbrush Cleanser x 1 unit 喷枪清洁液 1组

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