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Advanced Hairstyling Course

Course Duration

4 Days

Training material is provided for this course

About The Course

Advanced Hairstyling Course is an intensive course designed for those who are interested to improve hairstyling proficiency and knowledge. It comprises fundamental theories and technique from basic hairstyling knowledge to different hairstyling techniques and hairstyle design.

Course Content

Theoretical & Practical

1. Knowledge on Hair Tools & Usages
• Blow, backcomb, section, zig zag, curl, wave, straightening
2. Types of Braid
• French, fishtail, dutch, regular 3 strands, waterfall, twist
3. Basic Hair Management (Top and Front Section)
4. Hairstyle Design
• Wave, ponytail, updo, high/low bun, braid, fake hair bun, french twist
5. Usage of hair accessories & additional tools