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Professional Makeup & Hairstyling Course

Course Duration 

Full Time - 8 months / Part Time - 15 months

Eligible for application of SKM Level 2 once graduated

Course Content

1. The Concept of Makeup 化妆的定义
2. The Definition of Various Makeup and Its Purpose 各种化妆类别的定义和目的
3. Basic Chromatology 基础色彩学
4. Knowledge of Makeup Tools and Products 化妆工具和产品的认识
5. Makeup Aesthetics 化妆美学
6. Eyebrow Shape Knowledge & Design 眉型的认识与设计
7. Eyebrow Shaping and Correction 眉型描画与修饰技巧
8. Standard Eye Shape Knowledge 标准眼型的认识
9. Different Eyeshadow Blending Technique and Design 各种眼影晕染技法与设计
10. Eye Shape Correction 眼型修饰技巧
• Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Eyelash, Double Eyelid Tape 眼影、眼线、睫毛、双眼皮贴
11. Nose Shape Correction 鼻型修饰技巧
12. Mouth Shape Correction 唇型修饰技巧
13. Face Shape Correction 脸型五官及轮廓修饰技巧
14. Standard Makeup Procedure 标准化妆操作程式
15. Perfect Foundation 完美底妆
16. Nude Makeup 裸妆
17. One-point Eye Makeup 一色眼影
18. Two-point Eye Makeup 二色眼影
19. Makeup Artist Professional Image 彩妆师专业形象
20. Basic Hairstyling 基本发型
• Usage of Various Hairstyling Tools 各种发型工具的运用
• Basic Braids Styling 基本编发
• Basic Hairstyles 基本发型
21. Bridal Day Makeup 新娘日妆
22. Bridal Photoshoot Makeup 新娘摄影妆
23. Bridal Dinner Makeup 新娘晚妆
24. Classic Bridal Makeup 古典新娘妆
25. Women's Makeup 女生妆/女生时尚妆
26. Men's Makeup 男生妆/男生时尚妆
27. Korean Makeup 韩式妆
28. Dinner Makeup 晚宴妆
29. Three-Point Eye Makeup 三色眼影
30. Deep Set Eye Makeup 倒钩眼妆
31. False Double Eyelid Eye Makeup 假双眼皮眼妆
32. Smokey Eye Makeup 烟熏眼妆
33. Creative Makeup 创意妆
34. Fantasy Makeup 梦幻主题妆
35. High Fashion/Stage Makeup 高端时尚/舞台妆

About The Course

Professional Makeup & Hairstyling Course is a comprehensive course which comprises wide range of essential makeup and hairstyling lessons required for a professional makeup artist. This course focuses on training of the traditional makeup application techniques and hairstyling skills, which would be a perfect choice for those who want to master the complete foundation of makeup and hairstyling.
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