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ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING COURSE is an exclusive course provided by our Academy which fully covered professional makeup & hairstyling course with additional content of advanced and latest makeup techniques. Trainees would go through compact lessons which combines traditional makeup skill and latest technology to achieve high makeup proficiency. Trainees would learn to incorporate new makeup technology such as Airbrush Machine to enhance the outcome. This course provides an intensive training equipping trainees with competency in various genre of makeup preparing trainees to be one step ahead in the competitive makeup field.

1. The Concept of Makeup
2. The Definition of Various Makeup and Its Purpose
3. Basic Chromatology
4. Knowledge of Makeup Tools and Products
5. Makeup Aesthetics
6. Eyebrow Shape Knowledge & Design
7. Eyebrow Shaping and Correction
8. Standard Eye Shape Knowledge
9. Different Eyeshadow Blending Technique and Design
10. Eye Shape Correction
      • Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Eyelash, Double Eyelid Tape
11. Nose Shape Correction
12. Mouth Shape Correction
13. Face Shape Correction
14. Standard Makeup Procedure
15. Perfect Foundation
16. Nude Makeup
17. One-point Eye Makeup
18. Two-point Eye Makeup
19. Basic Hairstyling
      • Usage of Various Hairstyling Tools
      • Basic Braids Styling
      • Basic High Updos

20. Various Photoshoot Knowledge and Styling
21. Bridal Day Makeup
22. Bridal Photoshoot Makeup
23. Bridal Dinner Makeup
24. Black & White Bridal Photoshoot Makeup
25. Classic Bridal Makeup
26. Bridal Makeup of Various Country
27. Men’s Makeup
28. Makeup Artist Professional Image
29. Three-point Eye Makeup
30. Deep set Eye Makeup
31. False Double Eyelid Eye Makeup
32. Smokey Eye Makeup
33. Advanced Hairstyling
34. Creative Makeup
35. Fantasy Makeup
36. Airbrush Makeup
37. Special Effect Makeup
38. Body Art Makeup


1. When will this promotion ends?

Only 10 sets of airbrush machine is available, hence this promotion is limited for only 10 applicants. When 10 slots are registered, this promotion ends.

2. What can I do with the cash voucher?

You can use cash voucher to purchase anything you preferred from range of tools and products from the academy, including makeup and hairstyling tools and products, dummy head, and etc. You make your own decision for what you need.

3. Do I have to start the course right away when I register for this promotion? 

No, you may arrange your intake time with our consultant. Our intake time is flexible.

4. Is there any registration fee?

We do not charge for registration, you will only required to pay a deposit of RM500 during registration, which is deductible from the course fee amount.

5. Is there any instalment plan available?

Yes, we do. For Advanced Professional Makeup & Hairstyling Course, you are eligible for 4 months instalment plan or 12 months instalment plan. You may get more information regarding this from our consultant at CONTACT PAGE .

6. How can I contact you if I have any questions?

For inquiry, you may head to the CONTACT PAGE and connect with us via any method you are comfortable wiith. Our consultant will reply to you as soon as possible. 

7. How should I register for the course with this promotion?

To register, you may head to the CONTACT PAGE and connect with us via any method you are comfortable wiith. Our consultant will reply to you as soon as possible.